Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something about the longest journey and a step.

So a few things occurred to me, some have been gestating for a while, others fairly recent. I just finished Papo & Yo last night. A cool but very flawed game, made relevent by it's concept; it is a parable. CreatorVander Caballero used this game as a vehicle to tell the story of his abusive alcoholic father. This is the first game I've played that strives to have a deeper PERSONAL message. When I completed the game I was left with a lot of criticisms on how the game could be improved to make me care more about the relationship of Quico and Monster. Ultimately though I thought to myself.... this is the story Vander wanted to tell about his personal experiences. Who am I to tell him how to do it. Granted the nature of game development probably saw to it that he had to make MANY compromises. But I digress.

The other thing that occurred to me was that I don't make video games. What I do, and do well is create ART WORK for video games. I'm ok with that. I enjoy my job immensely. But I do have a yearning to tell my stories and share my experiences with an audience.

So that's what this is. This blog is meant to be a chronicle of sorts as I work on a game to tell a story of a personal nature to me. Now I must stress this is COMPLETELY independent from ANYTHING I do for Retro Studios and should not be read into as such!

All artwork and images on this blog are created in my spare time!

With that said I figured I'd start this off by going back to the beginning, and create an inspiration map for my project.

Here are some concepts of the Hero in my story N-hoj

I hope to have more concepts in the coming weeks but this is meant to be a therapeutic project for me and I don't want it to become an obligation.


  1. Good to see you working on personal stuff Koz! I just started working on my own thing too.. must be something in the air. :) I'll be watching your blog so go go go!!!

  2. Hell yeah man! Thanks! It's funny I was just watching your demo reel the other day. :)